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We provide services for both business and individual clients

We provide brokerage for trade, as well as services in all areas as we have contact with over eight thousand companies.


Manufacturer of frames and construction components for upholstered furniture such as beds, TV armchairs and recliners, made in Central Europe.

The company has been in existence since 1995 and continues to produce goods in Europe by providing products of the utmost quality, while attaining the highest standards and meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. Owing to its modern machinery park, the plant has a large production capacity. It uses professional machines and processing centres for its treatment. It also has logistics facilities, FSC certification, along with international quality certificates.

With the manufacturer of furniture for bars, restaurants, etc., we have completed a project for a bar in North London, finished off in natural Italian leather, as shown in picture (1), height 107 cm and depth 68 cm, at the final price of £198.00 per linear meter.


We provide our customers with services at either their registered office or any other designated place.

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Artistic and maintenance services

All techniques for wall painting

All techniques for wall and floor coverings

Full facade maintenance

Renovation of apartments, houses and offices

Complete modernisation of real estate               

Odd jobs

Installation of ceilings and wall partitions

Assembly of furniture and furniture constructions

General Maintenance and Repair

Installation of CCTV, TV, etc.

Electronic services

Painting and decoration

Hydraulic installations       

Carpentry services

And other

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We provide services at our Haidis Art Studio

Studio Art HaidiS we offer a wide range of specialist services in the decorative painting industry are carried out to the highest standards.

All decorating techniques

All graphical techniques

Antique mirror glass

Building Conservation

Ceramics and hand-painted wall tiles


Classic Tiffany and stained glass

Decorative Painting and Faux Finishes

Faithful museum reproductions

Fine Painting and Decorating

French Polishing

Furniture Restoration and Decoration


Hand painted images

Historic Interiors

Intarsia in wood

Interior design

Interior Design Solutions

Marbling, semi precious stone


Mosaic and others

Mother of Pearl


Polished Plaster

Portraits hand-painted with pictures

Restoration and Conservation

Sculpture/ Relief

Sign Writing

Specialist Plastering Effects and Finishes


Stone Finishes

Trompe L’oeil /Illusionist painting/ all techniques

Venetian Plaster / Dune D’oro / Marmarino, Classic, Carrara, Intonachino, Tadlekat /

Wall panels, bar counter tops

Wood Graining


We run retail sales through our e-stores as well as the world's largest retailers.